USA Nijmegen has eleven committees; the Activities Committee, the Academic Committee, Party Committee, Cooking Committee, Travel Committee, PR Committee, Orientation Committee, Study Committee, First Years Committee, The Issue, and the Finance Committee and two joint committees with G.A.G. – Great Anglo-Saxon Gobblers, the Introduction Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

Activity Committee

This year all of USA Nijmegen’s activities will be in our capable hands. We will be responsible for certain activities that are less focused on academia. However, no less enjoyable, for instance, the Pub Quiz, Pumpkin Carving, and other events that you think might be interesting! We’ll try and organize the best informal activities so that your year will be unforgettable! If you might have suggestions regarding a fun activity, then mail us!

Members: Eva Fransen (Chair), Maud Engelman, Wouter Kip, Kairo Kuijpers, and Lieke Vervuren.


Academic Committee

Starting this year, we’ve split the academic activities from the informal, so the Movie Night, Pub Lectures, Day Lectures, and other academically related activities will be hosted by this very special committee. For some of the activities, we ask teachers to come and give an interesting lecture or show their favorite movie!

Members: Mirjam Piepot (Chair), Eduard Andorko, Simon Nijman, and Wieke Borst.


Party Committee

We are proud to present to you, USA Nijmegen’s Party Committee! This year we will be responsible for organizing awesome parties and unforgettable nights. Not only do we come up with themes, make playlists, and decorate our awesome pub, we are also present at every USA party. So if you ever want to party with us, just come to one of our events! Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for an amazing theme for one of our parties.

Members: Yasmila Rizk (Chair), Joost Hekket, Julia Upperman, Tim van Zomeren.


Cooking Committee

Once upon a time, there was a member of USA Nijmegen who dreamed of something beautiful, something she just couldn’t shake… It was a dream of a room full of people, but not any room she had seen before. This one had a table, filled with the most delicious meals she had ever seen. Every person at that table was wearing the same dark blue hoodies with the same logo. Soon, it became obvious to her that these were all members of USA Nijmegen. She then realized that this was the future we needed… food and love. This, my friends, is how USA Nijmegen’s Cooking Committee came into being. And still, even this year in every period, we organize and cook a lovely dinner for about 40 members, so hopefully, we’ll see you there next time!
Much (meat) loaf!
Members: Els Eijkhoudt (Chair), Dyani van Loenhout, Julia Tomczyck, Jasper Allerton, Jorik Schuirink, Noa Holstege, Sam Bosma.

Email: (you might even get penne for your thoughts)

Travel Committee

At USA Nijmegen, we all love to travel. And we are here to help you with that! This year, USA Nijmegen will bring you to some fabulous destination somewhere in Europe. The Travel Committee is here to set a destination, buy the tickets, create a travel plan and think of all the awesome things we can do! As always, it is undoubtedly going to be a breathtaking, wonderful, and above all crazy time full of cultural, academic, and fun activities!

Members: Lin Acampo (Chair), Bob Frantzen, Iris de Otter, Isa Platenkamp, Lelie Khamseh, Stan Jansen.


PR Committee

Unfortunately, students within the Faculty of Arts aren’t the most technical minds in the universe. Using Photoshop or other designing programs isn’t really our cup of tea. However, USA Nijmegen has some technical heroes who do know how to live in the world of technology and design, and they have gathered in our PR Committee!

Members: Tommy Pieterse (Chair), Milan Lobik, and Tim van Zomeren.


First Years Committee

As a first-year student, the whole new experience can be a bit overwhelming or even scary at first. Thankfully, the First Years Committee can give everyone a warm welcome to Nijmegen! The First Years Committee organizes activities and events for Freshmen, so everyone can have a great start to what is hopefully going to be a wonderful life as a student!

Members: Davey van Seventer (Chair), David van Gool, Els Eijkhoudt, Floor Heldens, and Lonneke Kuiter.

Study Committee

Of course, university life isn’t all fun and games. We all have to study sometime (much as we’d like to deny it). This is where the Study Committee comes in. University isn’t always easy: problems, hiccups, and questions come to the best of us. Don’t hesitate ­­­— just ask. We aim to help solve your study-related issues as best we can.

For example, every year has its share of troublesome courses. You study and study but you can’t make heads or tails of it — trust me, we know. For those courses, we will arrange an extra session outside of the curriculum, taught by a student or a professor. But even if you’re all alone in the dark, we’ll figure something out for you. Just make yourself heard!
The Study Committee: We can’t study for you, but we are studying with you.

Members: Jorik Schuirink (Chair)


The Issue Committee

The members of The Issue Committee provide you with a fresh and new Issue four times a year. If you’d like to write an article, please send an e-mail to To read the online versions of previous Issues click on the Issue button above.

Members: Marit Stegeman (Chair), David van Gool, Eline Huisman, Femke van Lieshout, Floor Heldens, Flynn ter Steege, Jacqueline Kipping, Jasper Alleart, Jorik Schuirink, Maartje van der Griendt, and Tim van Zomeren.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee has the task to check the finances of USA Nijmegen and to advise the members’ assembly on whether the board is doing a good job or not.

Members: Jeroen Cuijpers and Lin Acampo.