At, you can easily compose your own booklets, print them, address them, and let them be sent. It is possible to utilize and upload several types of documents, such as Word, PDF, and JPG. There is a huge selection of types of paper, finishing touches, and distribution. immediately supplies you with an online sample-document that can be reviewed before you send it away for production. When you purchase a product, you also will get an online copy of your purchase. The website also gives you the opportunity to directly send the messages to, per example, members, students, and pupils.

Phone number: 0519 700 215


Find out more about Knaek and Nijmegen!

At the start of every academic year, we receive one of the most valuable possessions a student can have: The Knaek! This pass contains multiple ID with discounts on a lot of stuff, such as discounts on drinks, food, clothing, and much more! Have you gotten yours yet? If not, get yours by contacting our Treasurer!

DressME Clothing

DressMe Clothing is the company that prints those awesome hoodies we have! They are the place to go if there is anything you want to have printed or sewed onto any item of clothing, be it hoodies or shirts. Additionally, if your order happens to be related to USA Nijmegen, you will get a 10% discount!

Cafetaria De Fest

At just a few hundred meters from the Erasmus building, there is a place that will provide you with all the sustenance you need to survive the stress of university life. Whether you want pizza, some fries, kroketten, burgers or kapsalon, they have it all. So come to Cafetaria de Fest at Kannunnik Boenenstraat 22-24 for an enjoyable meal.

USA Nijmegen is always interested to hear what new sponsors can offer us.

So feel free to shoot us an email at!