USA Nijmegen is run by a board (XX) consisting of the following three people:

Floor Heldens

Function: Chair


My name is Floor Heldens, and I am the chair of the XXth board of USA Nijmegen. I am a second years American Studies student, and have been enjoying it very much. I’ve moved around quite a lot as a child, however, I can proudly say I am from the south of the Netherlands (so yes, that’s a Dutch southern accent you’re hearing ;) ). I enjoy hanging out with my friends, as well as working as a waitress at the Grote Markt in Nijmegen. Some things I also like are American history, writing, and American politics. Last year, I was a member of The Issue and the First Years Committee. After greatly enjoying the committees, and loving the activities and members of USA Nijmegen, I decided to become more involved this year :).

This year is a special year for USA Nijmegen as it is our fourth Lustrum! As Chair of USA Nijmegen this academic year, I am extremely motivated to create an amazing Lustrum Year for all of our members and alumni! As Chair, I am ultimately responsible for what goes on in the association. This means being up to speed on what is going on and aiding my fellow board members in their tasks. We are so happy to celebrate USA Nijmegen’s twentieth birthday with you all and hope to organize an eventful and fun year. I hope to see you around this year!

XX from Floor

Els Eijkhoudt

Function: Secretary

Hey y’all,

My name is Els Eijkhoudt and I am the Secretary of the XXth Board of USA Nijmegen. I am from Zutphen (so the Achterhoek officially) and I am 20 years old! I am a second year’s American Studies student but the first years will definitely see me around when I am retaking some of my first year’s courses. I work at ‘t Sfeerhuys bij de Looimolen, and in my free time I enjoy going out, cooking and hanging out with my friends. I was the head of the Cooking Committee and a member of the First Year’s Committee last year, and I loved being an active member so much that I decided to become an even more active member by joining the board!

As Secretary I will be bothering you with text messages, e-mails, updates, Instagram posts. I am responsible for the administrative work of our association. If you haven questions about your membership, events, or just anything going on with the association you can always shoot an e-mail to and I will help you out. I am excited for this year, as a Lustrum Year is always special and I can’t wait to enjoy many events with you guys! As Secretary I am the contact person of the association, which means I will hopefully be seeing a lot of you this year!

XX from Els

Jorik Schuirink

Function: Treasurer


My name is Jorik, I am 19 years old and I am the Treasurer of the XXth Board of USA Nijmegen. I was born and raised in the back corners of the Achterhoek where my heart still lies, but having lived in Nijmegen for two and a half years now, I am slowly but surely becoming a true Nijmegenaar. My passion outside of university is very music-oriented, since I work at Doornroosje and am a local DJ. I am also an avid vinyl collector and I love to dig through crates of vinyl to find that one special album I have wanted for the longest time.

As Treasurer, I am responsible for all finances and will make sure that all money is going where it’s supposed to be. I will be handling the contribution, giving the budgets to committees and – most importantly – encourage you to pay in time :).

I hope you’re just as excited as I am for this year’s Lustrum year and all the joyous activities it will bring, because I sure am! See you around!

XX from Jorik