USA Nijmegen is run by a board (XXIst) consisting of the following four people:

Lola Jetten

Function: Chair

I’m Lola Jetten, 19 years old and from the charming village of Overasselt, just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city of Nijmegen. Although, I find my real home among my friends and in any music store when I’m not hanging out with them. I have a deep passion for playing musical instruments. Whether it’s strumming the guitar, playing the piano, or experimenting with other instruments, music has always been a significant part of my life.

Despite me being a second-year English Language and Culture student, I’m still a die-hard USA’er at heart! In addition to my academic pursuits and involvement with USA Nijmegen, I love spending my free time in the kitchen, honing my culinary skills. Last year, I had the most incredible time being a part of the Activity Committee and Cooking Committee at USA Nijmegen. The warmth and acceptance I felt from the Board members inspired me deeply. They made me feel like I truly belonged, igniting my desire to step up and become a Board member myself.

As the Chair, I bear the responsibility for all aspects of our study association. This entails staying informed about the activities of both the board and the association as a whole. In my role, I serve as the representative of the association, acting as the primary contact for USA Nijmegen, our members, the university, and various external entities. Preserving the positive image of our cherished study association is also part of my duties.

Additionally, I ensure that my fellow board members fulfill their responsibilities, offering assistance when challenges arise. The prospect of the upcoming year excites me, and I am bursting with enthusiasm to make the 21st year of USA Nijmegen absolutely unforgettable!

Xoxo from Lola

David van Gool

Function: Secretary

I’m David van Gool, currently serving as the Secretary of the XXIst Board at USA Nijmegen. Although I was born in Utrecht, I spent the majority of my life in Holten, a charming small town in Overijssel. I am currently 20 years old and a third-year student majoring in American Studies. Even though I’m in my third year, you can still catch me taking a few first and second-year courses. In addition to my studies, I have a job at Albert Heijn. During my leisure time, I like to go out, read, watch movies, and hang out with friends.

My journey with USA Nijmegen has been fantastic. During my first year, I contributed as a writer for The Issue and was also part of the First Years Committee. Last year, I had the privilege of being a member of the incredible Lustrum Committee. My passion for active involvement led me to take on the role of Secretary on the board this year.

As Secretary, you can expect to hear from me through text messages, emails, updates, and Instagram posts. My main responsibility is handling the administrative aspects of our association. If you have any questions about your membership, upcoming events, or anything related to the association, feel free to drop us an email at, and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. As the contact person for the association, I’m looking forward to connecting with many of you throughout the year!

Xoxo from David

Dana de Vetten

Function: Treasurer


My name is Dana and I am the Treasurer of the XXIst board of USA Nijmegen! I am currently 20 years old and I am from Best, near Eindhoven. I am lucky enough to have a room in Nijmegen, so I have been enjoying exploring all that this beautiful city has to offer. When I am not working or studying, you can find me in the Radboud Sports Center, making music, or enjoying the great outdoors. I was a member of the First Year’s Committee and co-head of the Cooking Committee. Being an active member has been really exciting and showed me how much fun it is to be a part of our beautiful study association. Because of this, I wanted to become even more involved as Treasurer of the XXIst Board.

As Treasurer, I am responsible for all finances and will make sure that all money is going where it’s supposed to be. I will be handling the contribution, giving the budgets to committees and – most importantly – encourage you to pay in time :).

Xoxo from Dana

Joris van de Koevering

Function: Chief Internal Affairs

Hey hey!

I’m Joris, 20 years old and I am the Chief Internal Affairs for the XXIst Board of USA Nijmegen! I was born and raised in Noord-Brabant, meaning that, yes, I am as fun and sociable as you would think. That means I love hanging out with my friends, but I also love playing video games and listening to music. I even play bass! (can’t get much cooler than that)

As your CIA, I will be in charge of all of our lovely and amazing committees, meaning that in every activity you go to as a member of USA Nijmegen, I will be present and will have taken a part in organizing. Furthermore, I get to be a direct point of contact between the board and all of our amazing committee heads and members, the people responsible for ensuring USA Nijmegen is as fun and great as it appears to be!

Within my function, I get to stay in contact with all of these amazing people, and let me tell you: our association would be nothing without them :) From our wild and amazing parties by the PartyCo to the wonderfully useful activities the YONCo will have in store, every week brings new activitites to look forward to thanks to my role.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every activity USA Nijmegen has organized in my time as an active member, and I look forward to helping our wonderful committees organize many great activities this year as CIA!

Xoxo from Joris