USA Nijmegen is run by a board (XVIII) consisting of the following three people:

Bjarne Langkamp

Function: Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Bjarne Langkamp, and I am the chair of the XIXth board of USA Nijmegen. I am currently a second-year American Studies student at Radboud University, and I am really enjoying it so far! Being born and raised right here in Nijmegen, I absolutely love studying and organizing events here as well! I am a huge sports fan, and for years you could find me in the swimming pool; however, after realizing you could also sleep at 5 AM instead of swimming, I quit (oops). I love traveling, Céline Dion, and debating politics. Lastly, I love meeting new people and creating unforgettable memories :)!
As Chair of USA Nijmegen this academic year, I am ultimately responsible for what goes on in the association. This means being up to speed on what is going on and aiding my fellow board members in their tasks. We are so happy to finally organize events again now that the pandemic is over (hopefully). Good luck with your studies, and don’t forget to have some fun! I hope to see you around this year!


Dana Wijnhoven

Function: Secretary

‘Ello Loves,

My name is Dana Wijnhoven and I am the Secretary of the XIXth Board of USA Nijmegen! I am a second year student, as well as a first year student because I switched from the British track to the American track (oop). I was born and raised in the South, but that is the only scare thing about me. I love working at ‘T Sfeerhuys and spend most of my time either there or outside trying not to get sunburned. I love going to the movies to enjoy a Fanta Frozen Strawberry, and some of Spiderman’s or Doctor Strange’s new adventures.

Being the Secretary of the XIXth Board of USA Nijmegen, I will spamm your e-mail with invites, reminders, and photo’s, just like in the Whatsapp group. I will post on both the private, as well as the public Instagram account! The private account is my baby and I will make sure to save the aesthetic<3 I will make sure to keep you up to date via these social media platforms! You can always slide into the dm’s to ask questions :). I hope to speak to y’all soon!


Mirjam Piepot

Function: Treasurer

Hi everyone! My name is Mirjam Piepot and I am this year’s Treasurer of USA Nijmegen. I’m a second-year American Studies student. I’m from the Sunny South a.k.a. Limburg which you will probably notice as soon as I open my mouth. I now rent a room just outside Nijmegen so fortunately I no longer have to travel two hours by train every day, and I am closer to Nijmegen, the city that has stolen my heart. I love hanging in out in Nijmegen with old and new friends, but I can also enjoy staying in bed all day to watch Netflix and especially Disney+ since some might say I’m a little obsessed with Disney.
As the treasurer of USA Nijmegen, I am responsible for all of the financial aspects of the association. I try to think of the best ways to spend the money we have and getting that money from sponsors, the university, and occasionally entrance fees. If you forget to pay the entrance fee in time, I’ll gladly send you some reminders and “Tikkies” until you do ;). I hope you’re all looking forward to this year because I sure am and I look forward to seeing you around!