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Continuous SEPA Authorization

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  • By signing this membership form you authorize 1. USA Nijmegen to send a direct withdrawal to your bank to collect your membership fee and 2. your bank to withdrawal the membership fee from your bank account as instructed by the direct withdrawal of USA Nijmegen. In case of disagreement, please contact your bank within eight weeks to retransfer the money to your account. Please, ask your bank to the conditions of this retransfer.
  • By signing this membership form you agree to the Internal Regulations of USA Nijmegen.
  • By signing this membership form you agree to mailings from USA Nijmegen to inform you about important matters related to the organization.
  • The financial year of USA Nijmegen is established in the Internal Regulations of USA Nijmegen.
  • The withdrawal of the membership fee is done each year around December.
  • Termination of a membership at USA Nijmegen must be done via mail or e-mail and done a month before the start of the new financial year.
  • The membership fee is currently €10,- and is established every year at the General Members Assembly.
  • Your personal details will be preserved by USA Nijmegen until you or USA Nijmegen terminates your membership. After termination of your membership. your membership form will be preserved for another seven years in compliance to the Dutch Civil Law/Code. After this period of seven years, your personal details will be deleted from the administration and archives of USA Nijmegen.
  • A unique identification code is part of this continuous SEPA authorization. You can request this identification code by contacting the Treasurer of USA Nijmegen.
  • You will receive this copy within two workdays via e-mail. This copy and e-mail is also a confirmation of your membership at USA Nijmegen.
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