FiCo Board Game Night

To all of our fresh-faced first years, save the date! February 29th USA Nijmegen will be hosting a Board Game Night along with our hard workers at the FiCo! If you’re a first years student […]

Mexican-American Party w/ ¿Ouisi?

¡Hola a todxs! 🎉 On March 5, let's throw down with our amigos from ¿Ouisí? at The Mexican-American Party!🌟 The fiesta kicks off at 21:00 at De Bieb (Molenstraat 65, 6511 HB Nijmegen), and you're […]

Open Mic Night w/ G.A.G.

Marcus-Antonius Sint Anthoniusplaats 15, 6511 TR, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Hey everyone! Have you always wanted to show off that one skill or talent you possess? Well, now's your big chance, with the Open Mic Night! Anything that can be performed on a stage is […]

Family Day w/ G.A.G.

Campus Heyendaalseweg 141, Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Hey Gobblers and Eagle-lovers! 🦅 Ever been hit with the classic family question, "What are you studying?" and you're like, "English Language and Culture" or "American Studies," and they're all like, "Huh?" ✨ Well, guess […]

Research Night w/ G.A.G.

Ever wondered what your awesome teachers get up to when they're not teaching? Curious about their secret research projects? Then mark your calendar because USA and G.A.G.’s Research Night is the place to be! Come […]

AcCo Music Quiz + Karaoke Night

Marcus-Antonius Sint Anthoniusplaats 15, 6511 TR, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Hey there musicmaniacs!🎶✨ Ready to hit all the right notes and sing your heart out at AcCo’s music quiz and karaoke night? 🎤 You might even spot some of your favorite artists... 🎹 Music Quiz […]

Lacrosse with ¿OuiSí?

RSC Veld 2

Hey everyone! 🌟 Ever dreamt of trying your hand at the Haudenaussee game of "Deyhontsigwa'ehs" better known as Lacrosse in the United States and Canada? Well, here's your golden opportunity! On April 18, join us [...]

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