LEO Lustrum Pitcher Party

A party where you can buy cocktail pitchers for €15. At midnight, 120 free beers will be given out.


Super Bowl Sunday

An activity where we will watch the Super Bowl together and pull an all nighter. You are also able to get some drinks, snacks and hangout with your fellow students during this night, and enjoy […]


Secret Admirer Roses

A Valentine's Day event with G.A.G. where we will hand out roses which you can order for a secret and special someone. You can order the roses between January 30th and February 3rd.  


LustrumCo Pub Lecture

A lecture hosted by Melanie about a mystery topic, organized by our very own Lustrum Committee.


First Years Board Game Night

An activity hosted by the First Years Committee where you can bring your board games and play them. There will also be a Kahoot about your fellow first-years. This activity is only accessible for B1 […]


Fill Your Bo(a)rd

An event where the XXth Board will explain what a board year means and what all positions entail while enjoying a nice (FREE) dinner.


Thesis Night

An event for students who are busy writing their thesis or are just now starting the process. Lecturers who will assist this year's thesis students and students who have already written their thesis will share […]


Bingo Night + Karaoke

Do you want to take the edge off? Are you looking forward to another fantastic and fun event hosted by USA Nijmegen? Well then you’re in luck!✨ Join us on March 6th at Marcus Antonius […]


LustrumCo Y2K Pubquiz

Hey y’all Low rise jeans, Britney Spears, Flip phones, and of course our study association…all staples of the early 2000s.🤩 Do you think you know everything there is to know about this time in history, […]


Stichting FAN Publecture + Pubquiz

This event is in collaboration with Friendship Albany-Nijmegen (FAN). Have you ever wondered about Dutch influences on US culture and society? Perhaps, since you’re studying in Nijmegen, you have wondered whether Nijmegen has any connections […]


USA + G.A.G. Family Day

Bring your family to campus! With lectures, lunch and a campus tour, it will be an informative day for your family members.

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