Pub Quiz

The AcCo, together with the XXth Board, have organized a pubquiz at Marcus Antonius! It's on October 11th, it starts at 20:15. For more info and signup, check our private insta @usa_nijmegen or the USA-Update […]

CoCo Dinner

October 20th, 18:45 at Biezantijn. The Cooking Committee will organize a nice dinner with a Mexican theme. For more information, check our private insta: @usa_nijmegen, or the USA-Update Whatsapp group.

Pub Midterm Lecture


A Midterm Lecture at Tappers, by Peter van der Heiden, together with study association ismus!

Halloween Party

Marcus-Antonius Sint Anthoniusplaats 15, 6511 TR, Nijmegen, Netherlands

We are organizing a Halloween party, WITH costume contest! Wear a costume, or else....

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